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IEMA Seeking Vaccine Clinic Location

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and the Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) reached out to the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association and would like to start hosting more on-site clinics at employer locations including manufacturers.

The vaccinations will be administered by RNs/LPNs from a third party provider contracted by the State of Illinois and managed by the planning cell at IEMA. The TPP also provides the registration and administrative support to each site. The IEMA team would work with the businesses on dates, sites, logistics, and if needed, on site security & EMS support. They can set up sites at businesses across the entire state including the City of Chicago (previously had handled vaccines independently).  The vaccines would be directly allocated by the state, the businesses do not need to work through the Local Health Departments.

The state can do 50 to 5,000 vaccinations. If it’s a large amount, it’s likely that they would need to schedule a multi-day event which is not a problem as long as the facility is available on multiple days. They need a minimum of 50 but allow non-employees to get vaccines

The IEMA team would work with each business for their site specific circumstances and rely on the companies to do the outreach and messaging to their employees. Illinois officials would work with companies on space needs whether it is done in a fixed facility (ideal) or a drive through parking lot type of scenario. It’s also helpful if the company can provide volunteer employees to help guide people through the site.

These vaccines are available to employees, family members, children, suppliers, and others – they are not limited strictly to employees. If children are part of the event, then IEMA will ensure that they are Pfizer vaccines which have been approved. Additionally, they can request Johnson & Johnson vaccines if you prefer a one-dose regimen.

If you are interested, please complete this form and we’ll submit your information to IEMA and BEOC.