Constellation Energy

Intelligent Energy Management Solutions

As a member of Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, you have the power of Constellation, a national leader in the retail energy industry and the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association’s endorsed energy supplier.

Constellation helps members like you develop intelligent energy management solutions to stabilize their energy budgets, reduce energy costs, improve facility operations, and advance sustainability goals. Teaming up with Constellation allows you to take advantage of powerful benefits offered to Illinois Manufacturers’ Association members. These benefits include:

  • Flexible purchasing options
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated energy representatives
  • Customized energy plans
  • User-friendly online energy management tools
  • Transparent billing

As a leading integrated energy company, Constellation touches every aspect of the energy value chain. We can help members like you free up capital and regain control of operational expenses through a turn-key financial solution. Customers across the U.S. rely on Constellation to help them intelligently buy, manage and use energy.

Introducing the IMA Electricity Purchasing Pool

As the endorsed energy supplier to the IMA, Constellation helps members develop energy management solutions to protect their bottom line. Our newest energy management solution, the IMA Electricity Purchasing Pool, aggregates electricity load from participating members and creates a structured, systematic purchasing strategy to manage energy costs and risk over time.

For more information about Constellation:

Contact: Rich Cialabrini
Call: 888.312.1563

CARES Act Employee Retention Tax Credit

There is a big misunderstanding and much confusion surrounding the CARES Act – Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC): Who qualifies and who does not? The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association and Synergi Partners are collaborating to make sure that IMA members can access this tax credit.

Unfortunately, most companies including manufacturers do not realize that nearly all businesses qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit under the CARES Act. Confusion among business leaders is literally costing their companies millions of dollars; money that the federal government has specifically allocated to help U.S. companies continue to survive and prosper during this historic time of pandemic and economic crisis.

The ERTC is associated with the CARES Act Legislation that allows a refundable, above the line, Federal Payroll Taxes Refund Credit (cash refund up to $5,000 per employee). There is ongoing discussion that this could soon increase up to $19,000+ per employee if additional federal legislation is enacted. The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is really a ‘Payroll Tax Credit Refund” for businesses Impacted by COVID-19.

Here are the Five most common mistakes made by CFO’s and CPA’s re: CARES Act – ERTC Stimulus:

  • We are an Essential Services Business and therefore Do Not Qualify
  • We were Not Shut Down, stayed open the whole time and Do Not Qualify
  • Our Company made over 50% sales year-over-year and therefore Do Not Qualify
  • We are profitable this year and therefore Do Not Qualify
  • We are a Non-Profit company, don’t pay taxes and Do Not Qualify

If your company falls into any one of these categories, most likely your company does qualify. And unlike the PPP loans, with the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), there is no public disclosure because it is a federal tax credit. All information is highly protected for nondisclosure under the Internal Revenue Code.

Synergi Partners is the largest private disaster tax credit company in the US. Partnering with DLA Piper, Synergi was instrumental in drafting the tax credit legislation and the CARES Act, participating in many of the committee meetings. Synergi guarantees and defends their work against audit and have never lost an audit. The IMA is proud to bring their expertise to our members and if you’re interested in more information, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you for your consideration.

Employee Training Investment Program (ETIP)

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is pleased to announce receipt of an Employer Training Investment Program grant (ETIP) for fiscal year 2021 through the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) with support from the Governor and lawmakers who approved funding for the job training program. The grant term is yet to be determined. All training that occurs during this time period may qualify for reimbursement based on eligibility requirements.

Participating companies must have a physical location in the state of Illinois and agree to train only their full-time Illinois based employees. All companies must be active members of the IMA through the entire process in order to receive any reimbursement. Each participating company must complete a company profile identifying the company location from which their employees will be participating and schedules detailing all training each company has completed. The schedules must include number of participants, dates of training, and cost of training. Sign in sheets are required documentation whether they are hand signed or computer reports. The reports for the first submission (July 1, 2020 to TBA) must be forwarded by email only to Janie Stanley, Revenue & Grant Administrator at jstanley@ima-net.orgby a deadline yet to be determined.

The grant is being administered on a quarterly basis with funding allocated on a first come, first-served approach. With the state’s bill payment cycle, there may be some slight delay in receiving reimbursement once approved. Grant funds may be used to cover no more than 50% of actual approved expenses related to the training for a company’s full-time employees. Participating companies are required to fund a match amount of the remaining 50 percent. Eligible expenditures must fall within the following budget categories:

* External vendor/trainer or tuition expense (copies of paid invoices must be submitted)

* Internal company-based instructor wages at the actual hourly wage rate – you must provide payroll documentation verifying each internal trainer’s actual wage

The IMA will work with companies to collect and submit the proper forms. DCEO has the sole discretion in determining the final approved funding level for ETIP grants. Historically, the ETIP multi-company awards have excluded expenses for trainee wages and fringe benefits.


  • Participant/Participating Company – An Illinois-based company who meets the eligibility requirements of the Award and is selected by the Grantee for participation in the employee job training grant opportunity.
  • Trainee – Is a full-time employee of a participant company who receives training from funds made available through the grant opportunity.
  • New Trainee – a full-time, Illinois-based employee hired or transferred by the company on or after July 1, 2019 and trained during the award term.
  • An Existing Trainee – is an Illinois-based employee hired prior to the beginning of the award term and trained during the award term.

Grant Eligible Expenses

Grant funds may be used to cover no more than 50% of a participating company’s actual expenses related to the delivery of training for their full-time employees. Participating companies will be required to fund an equal or greater match amount of the remaining eligible training cost. Expenditures for participant companies must fall within the following categories:

  • Internal company-based instructor wages at the actual hourly wage rate – you must provide payroll documentation verifying each internal trainer’s actual hourly wage
  • External instructional vendor/trainer expenses related to tuition costs of course. No materials, travel, lodging or meal expenses allowed.
  • Employee external training tuition or training fee expenses only

All training activities and related expenditures must have been initiated and completed during the award term.

Grant Ineligible Expenses

  • Employee Travel costs, meals, lodging
  • Training Program Development/Preparation/Planning Conference/Workshop/Seminars (must submit a certificate of completion for seminars to be allowed)
  • Depreciable Equipment
  • Consulting Fees

Eligible Training Activities

Training activities should be delivered in structured group training or classroom setting overseen by qualified internal employees or external instructors hired, contracted, or paid by the participating company. Training should be directly associated with an employee’s day-to-day activities and must enhance skills related to the job that the employee is performing. One-on-one and on-the-job (OJT) training can be considered for approval (pre-approval from Grantor required) when group training is not practical, and the training can be delivered through a structured training platform where skill progression is documented and verified. The Grantor reserves the right to deny reimbursement of any training submitted that it deems not to meet program eligibility.

Examples of acceptable training activities include but may not be limited to:

  • Training programs required to respond to new or changing technologies, processes, product lines, machinery or equipment being introduced into the workplace.
  • Training necessary to implement continuous improvement systems in the workplace, including quality certifications.
  • Training employees in skills necessary to enable company to establish, maintain or expand into new export markets.
  • Training related to regulatory compliance as mandated for the workplace.
  • Basic and/or remedial training of employees ONLY as a prerequisite or pathway for other vocational or technical skills training.
  • Training to upgrade technical workplace skills.

Ineligible Training Activities

Examples of ineligible training activities include, but may not limited to:

  • Tuition Reimbursement for GED, College Credit/Degree
  • Professional Continuing Education
  • Skills Assessment
  • Team Building
  • On-the-Job (non-structured)
  • Employee Orientation Training

Ineligible Employee/Trainee

Employees of participating companies who are part-time, seasonal, contractual or temporary are not eligible to participate in ETIP/Award sponsored training activities. To be eligible as a participant, a person must be a full-time, Illinois-based employee of the participating company working from a facility located in Illinois.

Heritage-Crystal Clean Parts Cleaning

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association has partnered with Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC) as its preferred provider of parts cleaning and industrial waste services. HCC provides premium services at competitive prices, and has the capability to provide all of your parts cleaning, industrial waste, used oil collection, and vacuum services needs. All IMA members are entitled to special discounts of at least 25%. Additional member benefits include zero installation fees on all new machines and no waste profile fees on all new waste streams. HCC guarantees to reduce your environmental services cost. The IMA is proud to have HCC as an Affinity Partner and member. Please feel free to contact HCC at 877-938-7948 or visit our Web site at

Manufacturers Marketplace

The Manufacturers Marketplace is a nationwide manufacturing database designed to bring together companies looking to expand their market and/or secure their supply chain.  It provides the most comprehensive search capability including locations, processes, certifications, NAICS & SIC codes, capabilities and much more.  It allows for unlimited searches and constant profile updating.

The IMA partnered with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to develop and offer this database to manufacturers of all sizes, on a nationwide basis.  Over 300,000 companies are currently listed.  The IMA and the NAM are continually reaching out to manufacturers to encourage enrollment so profiles can be completed and searching for the perfect partner can begin.  Activity grows daily.

Any manufacturer can enroll in the Marketplace without being a member of the IMA or the NAM but will be charged the full annual license fee of $2,500.00 per manufacturing location.  It is only through membership in either the IMA or the NAM that a company can get the code to obtain an 80% Discount.

The IMA is the only manufacturers’ trade association in Illinois to offer this resource.

Benefits for a small to mid-size manufacturer:

  • Nationwide EXPOSURE
  • Control of your profile content
  • Ability to update your profile as your capabilities and market offerings change
  • An affordable and efficient way to market your company
  • An efficient way to search for suppliers

Benefits for large manufacturers:

  • Comprehensive, precise search ability based on manufacturers’ capabilities
  • Instant access to hundreds of thousands of manufacturers across the country
  • Meaningful search fields like processes, certifications, products, NAICS & SIC Codes
  • Efficient and cost effective supply chain diversification and risk mitigation tool at your fingertips

Manufacturers Marketplace FAQ – To learn more, click on this link for more details.

To schedule a demo of the Marketplace,  visit and click on the ‘Attend a Demo’ link for scheduling.

How do I get started?

Contact anyone from the IMA Membership Team to discuss next steps.
Cindy Tomei, VP of Sales & Marketing – 630-824-9372
Ken DiFrancesca, Membership Rep – 630-824-9374
Randy Prince, Membership Rep – 217-303-8493

Aramark Uniform Services

The IMA’s partnership with Aramark Uniform Services was conceived in 2010. As a supplier of uniforms and dust control products, Aramark has a reputation for taking care of its customers and has consistently been recognized by Fortune magazine as the best in their industry. If you’re looking to give your team and location a fresh look, now is an excellent time to talk to Aramark. Aramark can outfit your employees and business site with the professional image that’s right for you. Uniforms, dust control products and a complete line of restroom supplies are available. As an IMA member company, you can take advantage of Aramark’s exceptional services and large variety of products at great negotiated prices. Aramark’s goal is to fit the way your team works. Please contact the IMA to learn how you can begin saving on your uniform and dust control needs today.

First Communications Association Program

First Communications Association Program

As a member of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, you can take advantage of First Communications’ program helping bridge technology with world class customer service.

First Communications is a leading technology solutions provider offering data networking, voice and managed services throughout the Midwest, with a 24x7x365 Network Management Center in Chicago. First Communications is dedicated to pairing effective customer communications with next generation technology.

Technology solutions from First Communications are built to help your business grow and operate seamlessly.  With your membership in the IMA, First Communications will provide your organization Discounted Pricing, Customized Solutions, and a Dedicated Account Support team.

Let First Communications help with all of your technology needs from:

  • Cloud PBX Services – move your phone system to the cloud to reduce costs
  • SIP Trunking
  • SD-WAN Service – software defined network to improve network performance
  • Managed Security
  • Ethernet/MPLS/VPLS
  • Data Center Services

For more information about First Communications, please contact John Madura at (312) 334-0047 or

IMA Ship and Save


IMA members can save at least 70% on qualifying less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments.  YRCW offers flexible, efficient solutions, including comprehensive regional and national coverage with a full suite of guaranteed, expedited and specialized services.

  • Expedited Precision™ offers you expedited, time-definite, air and ground service backed by our industry-leading customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Guaranteed Precision™ will get your goods to their destination with a guarantee, ensuring delivery, on or before the standard service date by noon, 5 p.m., or within a customer-defined window, or you don’t pay.
  • Exhibit is a single source to satisfy your shipping needs to, from and between trade shows – including air and ground, expedited and guaranteed.
  • Cross-border dedicated service to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
  • allows users to easily access shipping information 24/7.

To enroll visit For more information or if you would like a quote on a pending shipment or call 1-800-MEMBERS (636-2377)



Flat Discounts on Shipping

IMA and UPS took the guesswork out, and put the easy in. Members now have access to new and improved flat pricing with savings of 50% on Domestic Next Day/Deferred, 30% on Ground Commercial / Residential and up to 50% on additional services.  In addition, members can take advantage of UPS Smart Pickup® service for free.

Open a new account, or if you are already taking advantage of our UPS savings program, re-enroll and apply the new discounts to your existing account by visiting: or call 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., ET.

*Visit for specific services and discounts.

Receive enhanced protection.

Minimize financial setbacks with insurance through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., by protecting your shipments. Members can save up to 17% over their current declared value and there is no fee to sign up, simply enter the value of your goods in the declared value field of the shipping system.

Click here ( for additional information.

Print and produce a wide variety of marketing materials online.

The UPS Store® provides members with quick, affordable and effortless digital printing solutions with easy online ordering and expert customer service.

First time users, visit:

Returning users, visit:



With Estes, IMA members receive at least 70% off qualifying less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments. Estes is the largest privately-held (LTL) company in North America—as well as a total solutions provider for all of your local, national and international shipping needs.

In addition to our national network of over 750 million one- and two-day shipping lanes, customers count on us for our regional expertise. Our direct service territory covers every state—including Alaska and Hawaii—and we also ship to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Then there’s delivery to nearly any address in Canada and Mexico, plus worldwide ground- and airfreight-forwarding services. No matter where your shipment needs to go or when it needs to get there, Estes has you covered.

To enroll visit For more information or if you would like a quote on a pending shipment or call 1-800-MEMBERS (636-2377)

Office Depot Partner Program

UPDATE: While supplies last, the IMA Office Depot Savings Program has reusable cloth face masks available in the online store. Members can shop at and search SKU# 9885276 | #BeyondSavings

Because you’re a member of IMA, you have access to these great benefits with Office Depot and OfficeMax:

  • Savings of up to 75% off the regular prices on our Best Value List of preferred products
  • Substantial discounts on thousands of products
  • Free next-day delivery *
  • Low costs on both printing and photocopying
  • Choose online or in store? Discounts apply either way!

Click here to start saving.

*Free Delivery: Minimum purchase required after discounts and before taxes. Orders outside our local delivery area and most furniture, oversized, bulk items, cases of bottled water and other beverages and special order items do not qualify. Non-qualifying orders incur a delivery charge (minimum charge of $9.99). Many orders can be delivered next business day (between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM) if placed online or via phone by 5:00 PM or via fax by 3:00 PM, local time (In most locations). Other restrictions apply. See, call 888.2.OFFICE or ask your Account Manager for details.

Illinois Manufacturers' Incentive Program

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association added a new incentive program to assist members planning significant consolidation or expansion projects. For those companies considering new capital investments that will exceed $2.5 million and will create at least 25 new jobs, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Incentive Program (IMIP) could provide significant savings. It has already saved a number of IMA members several million dollars.

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association offers a service, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Incentive Program (IMIP), to its members planning significant consolidation or expansion projects. For those companies considering new capital investment that will exceed $2.5 million and will create at least 25 new jobs over a two-year period, this program could provide significant savings. It has already been utilized to save a number of our members several million dollars.

This program is administered by economic development professionals who have successfully negotiated many of the major manufacturing expansions in Illinois over the past 20 years. The cost of this service is insignificant relative to the benefits you may receive. For more information, please contact Mark Frech at 217-718-4203, or

Illinois Manufacturer’s Directory (MNI)

MNI compiles and publishes profiles of U.S. manufacturers. Each company profile contains up to thirty detailed facts, including names & titles of decision makers. Whether you have a product or service to sell, or are looking to purchase parts or supplies, MNI can connect you with nearly half a million manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, and industrial service providers.

IMA members receive a 20% discount off the list price of MNI directories and online database subscriptions when you order online using the links below.

Illinois Manufacturers Directory

  • Profiles over 16,000 manufacturers & 50,000 executives
  • Five sections, cross referenced
  • Published each January
  • Learn More  
  • Order Directories

The Industrial Database

Prospecting, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Recruiting

  • Real time access from your PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Research company details
  • Build unlimited prospect lists
  • Export, print, or share profiles
  • Free Demo
  • Order Databases

The Industrial Marketplace

Procurement, Quoting, Sourcing, Purchasing, Vendor Selection

  • Free industrial marketplace
  • Search by product or service
  • Obtain competitive quotes
  • Order parts and supplies
  • Find a Supplier

Make sure your manufacturing company is properly represented in MNI’s database by adding or updating your free profile.