The last few years have presented numerous unique challenges to Illinois manufacturers and businesses across the state. The COVID-19 pandemic presented one of the worst economic and health crises in generations and lead to unprecedented local and state restrictions. Global supply chain shortages have impacted production lines across various industries and sectors. A rebounding economy has been stifled by a workforce shortage exacerbated by enhanced unemployment benefits at the federal level. The challenges have been real.

Despite those difficulties, Illinois manufacturers have continued to move forward and rise to the occasion to make essential goods and products in the face of adversity.

Now, as businesses continue to rebuild and overcome these challenges, Governor Pritzker and anti-business forces are asking legislators to hike taxes on job creators by nearly a billion dollars, including hundreds of millions of dollars on manufacturers, to fuel out of control spending. This tax hike comes after the federal government directed $8.1 billion to Illinois under the American Rescue Plan and at a point where the Governor’s own budget arm predicts nearly $2 billion in additional revenue this year alone as the economy rebounds.


Rather than addressing core structural problems and focusing on pro-growth policies, anti-business organizations including the trial bar and organized labor are pushing proposals that will make it more difficult for manufacturers to compete including a new Constitutional Amendment that will ban Right to Work laws in Illinois. Other proposals include:

  • Mandating prevailing wages and union employment in private sector companies
  • Interfering with private contractual relationships between manufacturers and dealers
  • Enhancing unemployment insurance benefits for workers
  • Waiving the requirement that able-bodied workers seek jobs before getting unemployment benefits
  • Creating a new politically-drawn legislative map to protect the majority
  • Adding billions of dollars in higher costs on energy bills

The IMA is pushing back against these tax hikes and other anti-business proposals, but we need your help! The Manufacturers Political Action Committee is a tool where manufacturers collectively pool their resources to help support legislators and candidates from both political parties that support manufacturers.

With a new legislative map on the horizon, every seat in the General Assembly will be on the ballot and we have a unique, once-per-decade, opportunity to make sweeping changes. The IMA and MPAC need to be well financed to compete with labor and trial lawyers.

We are asking you to please join hundreds of job creators by making a contribution today of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more to MPAC to help the IMA fight against higher taxes and more regulations on Illinois manufacturers and businesses.

Thank you for your help!

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Paid for by Manufacturers Political Action Committee. A copy of our report is on file with the Illinois State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL.