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Earlier this year, personal finance publication Kiplinger’s named Illinois as the least tax friendly state in America. This ranking follows another study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University that found Illinois’ fiscal health is the worst in the nation.

Simply put, Illinois is a high tax state and politicians cannot be trusted to manage your tax dollars wisely.

Previously, you’ve supported our efforts to oppose Governor Pritzker’s proposed Graduated Income tax – a jobs-killing “blank check” Constitutional Amendment which will increase taxes on families and businesses by $3.5 billion annually.

Now, we recently learned that Governor Pritzker has contributed more than $51 million to help push the graduated tax on voters from now until the election.  This money will ensure that the Governor’s tax increase will be spun to voters on the television, radio and in print for months.

We need your help.

The Manufacturers Political Action Committee (MPAC) is our Political Action Committee, and its funds are used to support our allies in the state legislature, impact campaigns for Representative and Senator across Illinois, and help us fight back against job-killing policies like the graduated income tax.

The Governor has made the graduated income tax a top priority and organized labor has said it will “break the bank” to pass this Constitutional Amendment.

Please join hundreds of job creators by making a contribution today to MPAC to help fight against higher taxes and burdensome labor mandates in Illinois.

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