The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is pleased to announce receipt of training grant funds for fiscal year 2022 through the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) with support from the Governor and lawmakers who approved funding for the program.  The grant term is July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.  All training that occurs during this time period may qualify for up to 50% reimbursement.

Participating companies must have a physical location in the state of Illinois and agree to submit training reimbursement requests for only their full-time Illinois based employees. To apply for funds, each company must complete a company profile identifying the company location from which their employees will be participating and schedules detailing training that has been completed or projected for the remainder of the grant term.  The schedules must include number of participants, dates of training and cost of training.  Completed Attendance sheets are required as well.  Application and reimbursement forms are accessible below. Grant funds may be used to cover no more than 50% of actual approved expenses related to the training of a company’s full-time employees.  Participating companies are required to fund a match amount of the remaining 50%.

Eligible expenditures must fall within the following budget categories:

  • External vendor/training expense  (copies of paid invoices must be submitted)
  • Internal company-based instructor wages at the actual hourly rate (payroll documentation must be provided)

The IMA will work with companies to collect and submit the proper forms.  DCEO has the sole discretion in determining the final approved funding level for grants.  The grant excludes expenses for trainee wages and fringe benefits.


  • Participant/Participating Company– An Illinois-based company who meets the eligibility requirements of the Award and is selected by the Grantee for participation in the employee job training grant opportunity.
  • Trainee– Is a full-time employee of a participant company who receives training from funds made available through the grant opportunity.
  • New Trainee – a full-time, Illinois-based employee hired or transferred by the company on or after July 1, 2021 and trained during the award term.
  • An Existing Trainee – is an Illinois-based employee hired prior to the beginning of the award term and trained during the award term.

Grant Eligible Expenses

Grant funds may be used to cover no more than 50% of a participating company’s actual expenses related to the delivery of training for their full-time employees. Participating companies will be required to fund an equal or greater match amount of the remaining eligible training cost. Expenditures for participant companies must fall within the following categories:

  • Internal company-based instructor wages at the actual hourly wage rate – you must provide payroll documentation verifying each internal trainer’s actual hourly wage
  • External instructional vendor/trainer expenses related to costs of course and materials.

All training activities and related expenditures must have been initiated and completed during the award term.

Grant Ineligible Expenses

  • Employee Travel costs, meals, lodging
  • Training Program Development/Preparation/Planning Conference/Workshop/Seminars (must submit a certificate of completion for seminars to be allowed)
  • Depreciable Equipment
  • Consulting Fees

Eligible Training Activities

Training activities should be delivered in structured group training or classroom setting overseen by qualified internal employees or external instructors hired, contracted, or paid by the participating company. Training should be directly associated with an employee’s day-to-day activities and must enhance skills related to the job that the employee is performing.   The training can be delivered through a structured training platform where skill progression is documented and verified. The Grantor reserves the right to deny reimbursement of any training submitted that it deems not to meet program eligibility.

Examples of acceptable training activities include but may not be limited to:

  • Training programs required to respond to new or changing technologies, processes, product lines, machinery or equipment being introduced into the workplace.
  • Training necessary to implement continuous improvement systems in the workplace, including quality certifications.
  • Training employees in skills necessary to enable company to establish, maintain or expand into new export markets.
  • Training related to regulatory compliance as mandated for the workplace.
  • Basic and/or remedial training of employees ONLY as a prerequisite or pathway for other vocational or technical skills training.
  • Training to upgrade technical workplace skills.
  • Safety training to ensure a safe workplace.

Ineligible Training Activities

Examples of ineligible training activities include, but may not limited to:

  • Tuition Reimbursement for GED, College Credit/Degree
  • Professional Continuing Education
  • Skills Assessment
  • Team Building
  • On-the-Job (unless pre-approved)
  • Employee Orientation Training

Ineligible Employee/Trainee

Employees of participating companies who are part-time, seasonal, contractual or temporary are not eligible to participate in ETIP/Award sponsored training activities. To be eligible as a participant, a person must be a full-time, Illinois-based employee of the participating company working from a facility located in Illinois.

Application Forms:

Reimbursement Forms:

Sample Completed Forms:

Instructional Webinar (conducted 12/14/2021):

ETIP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have specific questions regarding the grant and form completion, please call 217.522.1240 or email