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Manufacturing Miles Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For questions on…

How to sign into your Manufacturing Miles logging portal,

How to reset your password,

How to log your miles,

How to view your tier’s leaderboard,

How to view your individual data,

How team captains can view your team’s data,

A: click here to view our video tutorial.

Q: Where can I sign in to my portal to log my miles?


Q: I forgot to log my miles last week. Can I backlog? 

A: You cannot go back and log miles for a previous week, however, you can add those miles to your total and submit during the next logging opportunity. 

Q: Can I add or remove teammates from my team?   

A: You cannot add or remove teammates from your team as tiers are dependent upon the number of participants on each team that were provided at the time of registration. 

Q: How can I view the leaderboard? 

A: The leaderboard can be viewed here or by logging into your portal here.  

Q: Can I view my ranking in the participation tier? 

A: No, this is calculated at the end of the competition. 

Q: How do I convert steps to miles to log my miles correctly? 

A: Divide your total number of steps by 2,000.

Q: How to I convert an activity to miles?

A: You can convert virtually any exercise using our conversion chart! Yoga is equivalent to 89 steps per minute. So, 30 minutes of yoga x 89 would be 2,670 steps. Then convert steps to miles by dividing the total # of steps by 2,000, so one 30-minute yoga session would be equivalent to 1.34 miles.

Q: It looks like another team’s numbers are unrealistically high, and I think the leaderboard is inaccurate. What can I do?

A: We are monitoring everyone’s entries and correcting them as needed. Most of the time this is because participants have logged in steps instead of miles. Each participant should be logging in miles, and we are hopeful that this will resolve in the next couple of weeks once everyone gets used to the new system. Because everyone has access to the leaderboard in real time this year, it can be tempting to check the status throughout the week, however the leaderboard will not be final each week until it is announced in Morning Digest on Friday mornings at 6 am.