(Thursday, September 15, 2022)

Small (1-250 Employees)

Team NameTeam Total Miles
Gilster-Mary Lee Legs Miserable38209.02
Team PHOENIX27068.705
HeplerBroom Going the Distance24640.0235
MTM Recognition Spirit17620.622
Tamarack Trekkers15535.034
Parsons Pacers12428.19
TEAM TCCI9350.3535
Machining for Miles (Smith & Richardson Inc)9061.0525
Taubensee Steel & Wire Co.9009.7765
Crandall Stats and Sensors8069.12
Make Things Happen (MTH Pumps)7594.62
BBCO FOR MILES (Black Bros Co)7045.3665
Specialty Screw United6332.496
APL Engineered Materials4902.176
Shake N Bake (Nielsen Massey Vanillas Inc.)4567.12
Ajax Stride3782.28
Movers & Makers (IMA)3411.1625
Machine Tool Mile Makers ( Bourn & Koch, Inc.)3042.8
Franklinators (Franklin Display Group)2645.71
NiMCO Walkers1528.28
Krueger Kilometers1483.5
Team Flagsource! (J.C Schultz Enterprises Flagsource)714.19

Medium (251-500 Employees)

Team NameTeam Total Miles
Hoffer Plastics48543.817
Scot Forge24601.6015
Ingredion Argo17980.02

Large (500+ Employees)

Team NameTeam Total Miles
United In Wellness (United Scrap Metal, Inc)91322.169
The Power Starters (G&W Electric Company)36470.4555
Freedman Seating16078.1905
Morton Industries14618.895