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Illinois Manufacturers Oppose Largest Electric Rate Hike in State History

By September 9, 2021April 27th, 2023No Comments

September 9, 2021

Illinois Manufacturers Oppose Largest Electric Rate Hike in State History 

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA) released the following statement regarding SB2408, which would result in the largest electric rate hike in state history:

“The governor and lawmakers are about to hit businesses and families in the pocketbook with the largest electric rate hike in our state’s history. At a time when our elected officials should be helping our state recover from the pandemic, they are eliminating one of our key strategic advantages, which is low-cost and reliable energy,” said Mark Denzler, president & CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. “Manufacturers, who have reduced emissions more than any other sector since 1990, are committed to sustainability and a cleaner environment. This measure will have a devastating impact on the state’s manufacturing sector, which consumes large amounts of energy to produce the goods, medicines, and food that we all rely on. As manufacturers focus on ways to further reduce energy use, promote sustainability and develop new energy solutions, this legislation will increase costs and jeopardize reliability, which will drive more manufacturers out of Illinois, leave workers without jobs, and weaken our overall economy.”

About the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA)

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is the only statewide association dedicated exclusively to advocating, promoting and strengthening the manufacturing sector in Illinois. The IMA is the oldest and largest state manufacturing trade association in the United States, representing nearly 4,000 companies and facilities.  For more information, please visit