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From Constellation: 2016 ENERGY MARKET OUTLOOK Webinar for Energy Buyers

By August 2, 2016August 18th, 2023No Comments

Wednesday, August 17th • 1 PM Central . . .

Join us for our bi-monthly energy market intel webinar series on August 17th, 2016.

Register and submit your topics by clicking the button below today.

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This Month’s Topics will include:

August Weather: June and July were both third warmest months respectively since 1950, will August follow suit?

Feeling the Burn: Summer heat pushes gas fired generation demand to new all-time high in July.

Storage Report: Storage at record high for this time of year but injections consistently below year ago and five-year levels. Where will storage finish October?

Renewables & Gas: Generation retirements and new builds in 2016

Peak Response: How can Peak Response help manage energy costs?

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