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Information about how to register to vote, how to vote remotely (by mail), and how to vote in person (early, or on Election Day).

Stop the Graduated Income Tax

Politicians in Illinois are asking for a blank check to raise taxes on Illinois employers and families, seeking to raise income taxes by more than $3 billion annually. Learn more about the jobs-killing tax increase sought by Illinois politicians who can't be trusted.

IMA Legislator Ratings

The IMA tracks hundreds of bills filed in the Illinois General Assembly each year. See how each State Representative and State Senator is rated on key IMA legislation and initiatives.

Manufacturers Political Action Committee (MPAC)

Contribute to the Illinois Manufacturers' Association Manufacturers Political Action Committee (MPAC) to support our allies in the state legislature, impact campaigns for Representative and Senator across Illinois, and help us fight back against job-killing policies like the graduated income tax.

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“I am a Manufacturing Voter.”

Federal election and voting information from the National Association of Manufacturers.