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Legislator Ratings

Legislative Ratings Overview

Mark Denzler President & CEO

Every year, the Illinois General Assembly votes on thousands of bills and amendments, many of which have an impact on the manufacturing sector. While the global pandemic resulted in largely virtual legislative sessions in 2020 and 2021, the General Assembly returned to the Capitol in 2022 albeit in a shortened session as a result of the legislative remap process and delayed Primary Election.

This year’s General Election is the most important in a decade because every seat in the General Assembly, every seat in Congress, and every Constitutional Officer is up for election this year. Two open Illinois Supreme Court seats that will determine control of the court are also on the ballot. The IMA’s Legislative Report Card showcases where lawmakers stand relative to support of Illinois’ manufacturing economy and highlight those that vote against job creators. We often hear political rhetoric from legislators that claim to support jobs and investment but then their actions don’t back their words.

Does your legislator support Illinois’ manufacturing sector and the half a million women and men working on factory floors? Did your legislator vote in favor of higher energy costs? Did they support incentives for electric vehicles and semiconductors? Do they oppose costly regulations or support manufacturing innovation? Did they help find solutions for workforce challenges?

The IMA believes it is important for employers, employees, and Illinois residents to know exactly where their lawmakers stand on issues important to the business community. This objective Legislative Report Card will let you know whether your local lawmakers supported the manufacturing sector and large business community on critically important issues related to tax policy, environmental regulations, workers’ compensation, labor law, transportation, and more.

IMA’s Legislative Report Card

We hope that you will share this information with your colleagues, employees, family, and friends so that they can support pro-manufacturing, pro-growth candidates for office who understand that actions have consequences, good and bad. It’s important that Illinoisans elect pro-manufacturing lawmakers from both political parties who support free enterprise and economic growth.

The results at the ballot box will have a profound impact on your business. Every manufacturer in the United States faces the same challenges and opportunities across the country and the world. However, state policies can severely curtail or entice economic development across the nation, and we continue to see Illinois lagging neighboring states in manufacturing job growth. Illinois has many advantages, but the difference is often state laws and regulations that demonize employers.

The IMA appreciates those lawmakers that have a strong record of support for the manufacturing sector. We look forward to re-electing those officials and increasing the manufacturing majority in the General Assembly.

IMA By The Numbers


Bills introduced in the 2021-2022 legislative session


Bills tracked and lobbied by the IMA


Roll call votes in the IMA Legislative Report Card


Senators scored higher than 80 percent


Representatives scored higher than 80 percent

House Manufacturing Champions

Rep. Andre Thapedi: 100%
Rep. Joe Sosnowski: 98%
Rep. Dan Ugaste: 97%
Rep. Tim Butler: 97%
Rep. Patrick Windhorst: 97%
Rep. Mark Batinik: 96%
Rep. Dan Brady: 96%
Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer: 96%
Rep. Randy Frese: 96%
Rep. Dan Caulkins: 95%
Rep. Amy Grant: 95%
Rep. Tim Ozinga: 95%
Rep. Sandra Hamilton: 94%
Rep. Steven Reick: 94%
Rep. Michael Murphy: 94%
Rep. Dave Severin: 94%
Rep. Keith Sommer: 94%
Rep. Paul Jacobs: 93%
Rep. Adam Niemerg: 93%
Rep. David Friess: 93%
Rep. Amy Elik: 93%
Rep. Chris Miller: 93%
Rep. Brad Halbrook: 93%
Rep. Jim Durkin: 92%
Rep. Blaine Wilhour: 90%
Rep. Tom Weber: 90%
Rep. Chris Bos: 90%
Rep. Andrew Chesney: 90%
Rep. Thomas Morrison: 90%
Rep. Ryan Spain: 89%
Rep. Jackie Haas: 89%
Rep. Tony McCombie: 88%
Rep. Thomas Bennett: 88%
Rep. Keith Wheeler: 87%
Rep. Tom Demmer: 87%
Rep. Jeff Keicher: 86%
Rep. Andre Thapedi: 100%
Rep. Martin McLaughlin: 80%

Illinois Manufacturers' Association State House Ratings

DistrictIMA Rating (%)RepresentativeParty
06998Joe SosnowskiR
06597Dan UgasteR
07497Daniel SwansonR
08797Tim ButlerR
09397Norine HammondR
09597Avery BourneR
10897Charles MeierR
11897Patrick WindhorstR
09496Randy FreseR
09796Mark BatinickR
10096C.D. DavidsmeyerR
10496Michael MarronR
10596Dan BradyR
03795Tim OzingaR
04295Amy GrantR
10195Dan CaulkinsR
06394Steven ReickR
08894Keith SommerR
09994Sandra HamiltonR
11794Dave SeverinR
10993Adam NiemergR
11093Chris MillerR
11193Amy ElikR
11593Paul JacobsR
11693David FriessR
08292Jim DurkinR
10292Brad HalbrookR
05190Chris BosR
05490Thomas MorrisonR
06490Tom WeberR
08990Andrew ChesneyR
10790Blaine WilhourR
07389Ryan SpainR
07989Jackie HaasR
07188Tony McCombieR
10688Thomas BennettR
05087Keith WheelerR
09087Tom DemmerR
07086Jeff KeicherR
05280Martin McLaughlinR
02077Bradley StephensR
04577Seth LewisR
07576David WelterR
09175Mark LuftR
04773Deanne MazzochiR
09269Jehan Gordon-BoothD
01563Michael KellyD
03856Debbie Meyers-MartinD
00454Delia RamirezD
02653Kambium BucknerD
00552Lamont Robinson, Jr.D
03152Mary FlowersD
03551Frances Ann HurleyD
01049Jawaharial WilliamsD
03249Cyril NicholsD
08049Anthony DeLucaD
02347Michael ZalewskiD
03947Will GuzzardiD
04447Fred CrespoD
06847Dave VellaD
08447Stephanie KifowitD
09647Sue SchererD
02846Robert RitaD
07846Camille LillyD
00245Theresa MahD
00345Eva Dina DelgadoD
00745Emanuel WelchD
00845La Shawn FordD
01345Gregory HarrisD
01645Denyse StonebackD
01945Lindsey LaPointeD
02745Justin SlaughterD
04945Maura HirschauerD
05345Mark WalkerD
05745Jonathan CarrollD
06745Maurice West, IID
07245Michael HalpinD
07745Kathleen WillisD
08145Anne Stava-MurrayD
09845Natalie ManleyD
11245Katie StuartD
02244Angelica Guerrero-CuellarD
03644Kelly BurkeD
11344Jay HoffmanD
02443Elizabeth HernandezD
04643Deb ConroyD
08543Dagmara AvelarD
00142Aaron OrtizD
01242Margaret CrokeD
02142Edgar Gonzalez, Jr.D
04042Jaime Andrade, Jr.D
00941Lakesia CollinsD
03341Marcus Evans, Jr.D
06641Suzanne NessD
11441LaToya GreenwoodD
02940Thaddeus JonesD
05540Martin MoylanD
04839Terra Costa HowardD
07639Lance YednockD
08339Barbara HernandezD
01438Kelly CassidyD
06037Rita MayfieldD
04136Janet Yang RohrD
00635Sonya HarperD
03035William DavisD
06135Joyce MasonD
06234Sam YinglingD
10334Carol AmmonsD
08633Lawrence Walsh, Jr.D
01832Robyn GabelD
05831Bob MorganD
01130Ann WilliamsD
01730Jennifer Gong-GershowitzD
03430Nicholas SmithD
04330Anna MoellerD
05630Michelle MussmanD
05930Daniel DidechD
02529Curtis Tarver, IID

2021-2022 House Bills

HB 62 (Flowers) – IMA Opposed: Creates the Health Care for All Illinois Act that provides that all individuals residing in this State are covered under the Illinois Health Services Program for health insurance.

HB 559 (Durkin) – IMA Supported: Provides for Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) reform. Provides that an action brought under BIPA shall be commenced within one year after the cause of action accrued if, prior to initiating any action against a private entity, the aggrieved person provides a private entity 30 days’ written notice identifying the specific provisions the aggrieved person alleges have been or are being violated. Provides that if within the 30 days the private entity actually cures the noticed violation and provides the aggrieved person an express written statement that the violation has been cured and that no further violations shall occur, no action for individual statutory damages or class-wide statutory damages may be initiated against the private entity. Makes other changes.

HB 804 (Williams) – IMA Opposed: Creates the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) and re-regulates Illinois’ energy marketplace by moving Illinois to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 and with a carbon-free power sector by 2030.

HB 1207 (Moeller/Castro) – IMA Supported: Amends the Equal Pay Act of 2003 to allow for conversations between a job applicant and potential employer concerning unvested equity or deferred compensation if a job applicant voluntarily broaches the topic.

HB 1769 (Vella/Stadelman) – IMA Supported: Creates the Reimagining Electric Vehicles (REV) in Illinois Act contains a super EDGE program providing for electric vehicle tax credits for both new and existing EV manufacturers and EV component parts manufacturers, as well as specific credits for larger and smaller companies.

HB 3090 (Harper) – IMA Opposed: Creates the Illinois Environmental Justice Advisory Council to provide independent advice and recommendations to the Governor, the Illinois EPA, and the other State agencies about broad, cross-cutting issues related to environmental justice and on policies, practices, and specific actions.

HB 3296 (Ness/Bush) – IMA Supported: Requires all school districts to implement state-approved career exploration pathway programming for students beginning in grade six through grade 12.

HB 3437 (Walsh/Hastings) – IMA Opposed: Requires the payment of prevailing wages on privately financed projects for refineries, ethanol facilities, and chemical plants.

HB 3743 (Walsh/Hastings) – IMA Supported: Among other things, extends the repeal dates of the Telecommunications Article and the Cable and Video Competition Article from December 31, 2021 to December 31, 2026. Provides that any cable service or video service authorization issued by the Illinois Commerce Commission will expire on December 31, 2029 (rather than December 31, 2024).

HB 3898 (Godon-Booth) – IMA Opposed: Requires all Illinois employers regardless of size to offer paid leave to every employee – full and part time – up to 40 hours per year.

HB 3940 (Walsh/Belt) – IMA Opposed: Revokes an existing law that allows auto manufacturers and dealers to have uniform agreements and instead would force manufacturers to compensate dealers by a third party time-guide not intended to be used professionally for repair compensation.

HB 4093 (Harper/Villanueva) – IMA Opposed: Establishes wide-ranging environmental justice (EJ) regulations.  Loosely define “environmental justice” and provide that any new facilities established in EJ areas that are subjected to the Clean Air Act Permit Program (CAAPP) and/or will require a Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP) will have additional regulations placed on them. Additionally, existing facilities that are CAAPP or FESOP sources would also be subjected to the new regulations should their emissions increase. Additional regulations involving local siting approval and the requirement to complete an environmental justice assessment would also apply to Illinois companies seeking a permit from the Illinois EPA.

HB 4356 (Gabel) – IMA Opposed: Creates a stewardship program for carpet that is to be funded completely on the backs of manufacturers.

HB 5412 (Evans/Castro) – IMA Opposed: Calls for wage-theft protections for contractors and subcontractors that have a negative impact on women and minority owned construction companies and provide no real protection of wage theft.

Senate Manufacturing Champions

Sen. Jil Tracy: 91%
Sen. Sally Turner: 91%
Sen. Dan McConchie: 91%
Sen. Jason Barickman: 90%
Sen. Brian Stewart: 89%
Sen. Darren Bailey: 89%
Sen. Terri Bryant: 86%
Sen. Dave Syverson: 95%
Sen. Dale Fowler: 84%
Sen. Win Stoller: 84%
Sen. Chapin Rose: 83%
Sen. Don DeWitte: 82%
Sen. Neil Anderson: 81%
Sen. Steve McClure:

Illinois Manufacturers' Association State Senate Ratings

DistrictIMA Rating (%)SenatorParty
2691Dan McConchieR
4491Sally TurnerR
4791Jil TracyR
5390Jason BarickmanR
4589Brian StewartR
5489Jason PlummerR
5589Darren BaileyR
5886Terri BryantR
3584Dave SyversonR
3784Win StollerR
5984Dale FowlerR
5183Chapin RoseR
3382Donald DeWitteR
3681Neil AndersonR
5081Steve McClureR
3278Craig WilcoxR
3877Sue RezinR
4173John CurranR
5643Rachelle CroweD
4841Doris TurnerD
1238Steven LandekD
2438Suzy Glowiak HiltonD
4936Meg Loughran CappelD
2335Diane PappasD
533Patricia Van PeltD
1433Emil Jones, IIID
4033Patrick JoyceD
4333John ConnorD
732Mike SimmonsD
2132Laura EllmanD
2932Julie MorrisonD
5232Scott BennettD
1531Napoleon Harris, IIID
2031Cristina Pacione-ZayasD
1730Elgie Sims, Jr.D
329Mattie HunterD
629Sara FeigenholtzD
829Ram VillivalamD
929Laura FineD
1029Robert MartwickD
1129Celina VillanuevaD
1329Robert PetersD
2529Karina VillaD
2729Ann GillespieD
3029Adriane JohnsonD
3129Melinda BushD
3429Steve StadelmanD
4629David KoehlerD
5729Christopher BeltD
1628Jacqueline CollinsD
1928Michael HastingsD
3928Don HarmonD
427Kimberly LightfordD
126Antonio MuñozD
226Omar AquinoD
1826Bill CunninghamD
2226Cristina CastroD
2826Laura MurphyD
4226Linda HolmesD

2021-2022 Senate Bills

SB 72 (Marmon/Hoffman) – IMA Opposed: Adds prejudgment interest in certain personal injury lawsuits in the state.  The bill further lowers the prejudgment interest rate from 9 percent to 6 percent and provides the interest begins when the case begins.

SB 116 (Morrison/Morgan) – IMA Supported: Amends the Business Corporation Act of 1983 to allow a corporation to determine whether shareholder meetings should be held remotely or physically.

SB 294 (Castro/Didech) – IMA Supported: Creates the Wipes Labeling Act to provide that, subject to specified exceptions, certain covered products manufactured on or after July 1, 2022 must be labeled clearly and conspicuously with certain “Do Not Flush “labeling requirements. It further specifies the size, location, and the manner of display of certain “Do Not Flush” symbols and label notices that manufacturers of covered products.

SB 645 (Hastings/Hoffman) – IMA Opposed: Creates a minimum level of benefits for employees who fall under collective bargaining and the Employee Sick Leave Act.

SB 1099 (Collins/Tarver) – IMA Opposed: Allows third party lending for litigation without transparency and safeguards against extremely high interest rates.

SB 1693 (Bennett/Yednock) – IMA Supported: Creates the Illinois Industrial Biotechnology Partnership Act to establish the Industrial Biotechnology Public-Private Partnership as a State-sponsored board consisting of specified members to promote and market Illinois as a destination for research, development, and commercialization for industrial biotechnology.

SB 1915 (Morrison/Carroll) – IMA Opposed: Provides that when a state agency or institution of higher education contract is to be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, an otherwise qualified bidder who will fulfill the contract through the use of compostable foodware or recyclable foodware may be given preference over other bidders unable to do so; provided that the bid is not more than 5% greater than the cost of products that are single-use plastic disposable foodware.

SB 2408 (Harmon/Evans) – IMA Opposed: Reregulates Illinois’ energy marketplace and represents the largest electric rate hike in Illinois history.  Requires 100 percent clean energy by 2050 and requires the Illinois Power Authority to procure 40 percent renewable energy by the year 2030 and 50 percent by 2040.  Provides all private coal and gas plants must cease operating by 2045 and reduce emissions by 45 percent by the year 2035. Municipal coal plants (CWLP and Prairie State Generating Campus) must reduce emissions by 45 percent by 2035.  Further provides nearly $700 million in subsidies over five years for certain nuclear plants in Illinois.

SB 2531 (Stoller/DeLuca) – IMA Supported: Allows pass-through entities, such as S-corporations and partnerships, to avoid the $10,000 cap on the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction by permitting small business owners paying taxes through individual rates to opt-in and have the taxes run through the business itself.

SB 2803 (Harris/Holmes) – IMA Supported: Provides $2.7 billion in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) dollars to help reduce the state’s $4.5 billion unemployment insurance debt.

SB 3073 (Johnson/Mayfield) – IMA Opposed: Provides that when CCR generating facilities close in the state, those facilities located within a certain distance of Lake Michigan must close by completely removing all CCR on site.

SB 3146 (Villanueva/Collins) – IMA Opposed: Amends the state’s One Day Rest In Seven Act to increase fines on employers who violate the Act.  The bill further provides that employees working in excess of 7.5 continuous hours shall be entitled to an additional 20 minute meal period for every additional 4.5 continuous hours worked.

SB 3917 (Glowiak-Hilton/Halpin) – IMA Supported: Provides tiered financial incentives to eligible semiconductor manufacturers and microchip manufacturers (chip manufactures) in an attempt to bring and/or grow the industry in Illinois.

SJRCA 11 (Villivalam/Evans) – IMA Opposed: Seeks to change Illinois’ Constitution to ban the state or units of local government from passing Right to Work laws.