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Democratic Governor JB Pritzker publicly unveiled his graduated income tax proposal that will increase the corporate income tax by 13.5 percent while spiking the tax rate for many small businesses by 60.6 percent.  This “jobs tax” will generate $3.4 billion according to the Governor’s estimation.

The IMA is leading the fight against the new jobs tax on Illinois businesses and families and is raising money for a coordinated campaign to battle this new tax.  Funds raised will be used in a coalition effort to defeat the Jobs Tax, first in the state legislature, and then if necessary, at the ballot box in 2020. Our team has years of experience leading successful issue advocacy efforts, and will engage in a comprehensive effort to educate legislators and voters about the clearly harmful effects of raising Illinois’ income taxes to among the highest in the nation.

If you would like to make a contribution to the fight, please complete this form and the IMA will contact you: