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NAM Congressional Voting Record Finalized

logo_hdThe NAM’s member-led Key Vote Advisory Committee (KVAC) has officially completed its key vote selection process and established the votes used to determine the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence. The NAM Award is given to those members of the U.S. House and Senate who have earned a 70 percent or higher rating on key manufacturing votes as recorded in the 2015-2016 114th Congress Voting Record. This award is not a political endorsement, but rather an opportunity for manufacturers to positively recognize those legislators who consistently support the manufacturing agenda.

To view how your member of Congress voted on manufacturing issues, visit You’ll note that we have 301 members of Congress with a 70 percent or better voting record 53 in the Senate and 248 in the House. The final voting record was based on 24 key votes in the Senate and 46 key votes in the House. A listing of the final key votes and the official voting record for all members of Congress can also be found on this web site.

Members of Congress received a hand-delivered letter letting him or her know of their status with regard to the voting record. There are four different letters based on final voting records:

1) to those who have a 70 percent or better voting record.

2) to those who did not win the award but voted with us 50-69 percent of the time

3) to those who did not win the award and voted with us 30-49 percent of the time

4) to those who only voted with us less than 30 percent of the time

We strongly encourage you to contact those members of Congress who have a 70 percent or better voting record to thank them for their support of manufacturing in America. And, if your member of Congress did not support the NAM legislative agenda, we ask that you reach out to them and help better educate them on manufacturing issues.

It is our goal to present the NAM Award to members of Congress on the local level and we will work with the entire NAM membership to do so. Local award events will begin next week and can be held through April of next year.

For more information regarding award events, feel free to call on Tiffany Adams, vice president of public affairs at 202-637-3118; Joe Trauger, vice president, government relations, can answer any questions you may have on the key vote process. He can be reached at 202-637-3127;

Source: Ned Monroe, Senior Vice President, External Relations, Email: