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Manufacturers Demand Action by Elected Officials

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Responds to Governor Rauner’s Call for Budget Action & Negotiations


SPRINGFIELD— With the election now over, it’s time for our elected officials to shift their utmost focus to balancing the state’s budget and enacting job creation reforms that will spur economic growth and investment in Illinois.  Illinois businesses and families cannot afford to wait any longer.  Since January, Illinois has lost 9,800 good, high-paying manufacturing jobs causing further erosion of our middle class. Recent headlines have announced Illinois manufacturing companies moving operations across state lines due to a more secure business environment. The latest Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification report for October announced just this week that more than 800 workers will be laid off in coming months with the majority of those being manufacturing jobs.

The voters spoke on Tuesday and are demanding results.  It’s time to make Illinois work again and we stand ready to work with policymakers to make that happen.

Every elected official should be startled and angered about Illinois manufacturing job numbers since June 2009.

171,200         Michigan
83,300           Indiana
75,900           Ohio
43,000           Wisconsin
31,200           Kentucky
10,400           Iowa
4,800            Missouri
-1,700           Illinois

This fall, Greg Baise, President & CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association has been traveling the state to call attention to the IMA’s Middle Class Manufacturing Agenda which calls for five key points:

  • Get the state’s fiscal house in order. We need to restrain spending, balance the budget and adopt pension reform.
  • Enact workers’ comp reform. Illinois can reduce costs on employers while still ensuring that injured workers receive quality health care by pushing back on union leaders, trial attorneys and special interests who are feeding off this system.
  • Reform the state’s tax code. The best tax systems are broad based with low rates. Illinois needs tax reform that includes permanent extensions of critical tax incentives.
  • Overhaul property taxes. Stop shifting the tax burden onto commercial and industrial taxpayers.
  • Strengthen the education and workforce development system. Illinois needs to ensure a pipeline of qualified workers for our global economy.


About the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA)

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is the only statewide association dedicated exclusively to advocating, promoting and strengthening the manufacturing sector in Illinois.  The IMA is the oldest and largest state manufacturing trade association in the United States, representing nearly 4,000 companies and facilities.