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ILBEDC Unveils New Brand: Intersect Illinois

New Identity to Better Market State’s Premier Assets . . .

IntersectILThe Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation recently revealed its new brand identity: Intersect Illinois.

“We knew the Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation didn’t exactly roll off the tongue or do much to sell Illinois. One of our first tasks was to begin building a brand that focuses on our strengths, and that’s exactly what Intersect Illinois will do,” said Jim Schultz, CEO of Intersect Illinois. “Our new identity ties together everything that makes Illinois an attractive state in which to grow a business.”

Intersect Illinois Brand Vision

Ever since people began to settle in the Midwest, Illinois has been a junction connecting people, business and goods necessary for global and national economic growth. At our core, Intersect Illinois does the same thing. We seamlessly join commerce and community. We connect businesses to the robust workforce of Illinois­ the spirited, adept people who form the backbone of our great state.

As part of its new identity, Intersect Illinois refreshed its website and directed it to a new url: A more robust website will be developed to better cater to the needs of businesses interested in growing in Illinois.

Earlier this month, ILBEDC, now Intersect Illinois, announced that German pharmaceutical giant Vetter intends to invest $320 million in a new facility in Des Plaines, creating at least 300 new jobs. The Vetter announcement followed recent news that Amazon will open a new facility in Edwardsville, along with significantly increasing its footprint at the Joliet facility, to create over 3,000 new jobs throughout the State. Originally, Amazon planned to bring a fewer number of jobs at a single location in Illinois, but thanks in large part to the efforts of Intersect Illinois’ Frank Cho the job commitments from Amazon expanded along with the number of communities positively impacted.

“While work remains to improve our business climate, the recent expansions of companies like Vetter and Amazon prove that Illinois already has many appealing assets that are important to companies seeking to grow in North America, and it’s our job to sell them on Illinois,” Schultz said. “As Vetter and Amazon show, Illinois can be very attractive for foreign direct investment as well as companies with a heavy reliance on a world-class logistics system, a sophisticated work force and technology advantages. We’re going to continue to focus on companies that fit those profiles and play to our strengths.”


Intersect Illinois works in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Focusing on the state of Illinois’ economic development marketing and business development efforts, helping companies grow in and locate to the state. Intersect Illinois was established as a private entity with greater flexibility to actively pursue prospects, market the state, and conduct business deals, working with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.