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Get A New Perspective On Your Industry: Take The RSM 2016 Monitor Survey

You are invited to learn how middle-market companies across the country and around the world are competing in the global marketplace.

Now in its second decade, the 2016 RSM Manufacturing & Distribution Monitor is gathering the perspectives and expectations of senior industry executives as they navigate a volatile business environment.

Complete the survey.

This year, the Monitor will provide in-depth analysis of areas of primary importance to the industry and your company, including:

• Sales, marketing and growth

• Supply chain management

• Operational efficiency

• Technology and data security

• Global operations

The results of the Monitor can help you plan, execute and measure progress towards your strategic objectives.

The survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for participating.

Best regards, Steve Menaker, Partner National Manufacturing Leader, RSM US LLP

Source: RSM