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University of Illinois Saliva Testing Program

Day ago, the University of Illinois announced an exciting new saliva-based test for the coronavirus that was pioneered by researchers at the University of Illinois.  This new saliva-based test is easy to administer, scalable, and specific to COVID-19. It produces rapid results within hours at low cost. The University of Illinois is currently using this test for students, faculty, and staff at all three of their campuses to ensure safe environments.

I reached out to U of I President Tim Killeen this week to discuss the new test and its applicability for manufacturers. The University created a new organization called Shield Illinois to help make the technology available in Illinois and nationally. The U of I is very interested in working with the IMA and our members to make this available so that employers can test their employees on a regular basis.

The U of I is waiting on final approval from the Food & Drug Administration before licensing the technology. It requires a PCR machine or laboratory to process the results and many manufacturers already have access to this equipment. Some communities are looking at working with local employers to provide the testing collectively.

The IMA has scheduled a Zoom meeting with Ron Watkins, head of Shield Illinois at the University of Illinois, to provide our members with additional information about this new testing program. The Zoom call will be held on Thursday, August 20 from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. 

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