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Benefits of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Energy Program

Constellation is an IMA member energy provider…

As one of the top operating costs for most businesses, energy is an important part of your overall business strategy. Through a strategic approach to energy management, Constellation can help make a direct impact on your bottom line.

Constellation believes in marketing through education. We work with you to develop an integrated energy strategy to achieve budget certainty, and be protected from market risk. By deploying the best combination of products and services, you can develop and strengthen existing buying strategies to meet economic goals.

How Can You Benefit From an Energy Program?

  • Access to prescreened contracts, which may include pre-negotiated terms and conditions.
  • Access to programs that leverage the aggregated volume of the association.
  • Manage energy costs with competitive pricing opportunities.
  • Access to education and market information from a leading competitive retail supplier.
  • Meet environmental objectives with energy-efficient solutions.
  • Improve facility operations and advance sustainability goals.


Constellation Makes It Easy

Customers who participate in Constellation’s association energy programs tend to report better overall customer satisfaction than those who buy elsewhere. In a recent customer survey of over 65 association members, 82 percent reported they were satisfied with problem resolution—15 percent greater than nonmembers. To help members implement a better energy strategy, 
they have direct access to regional energy expertise via webinars, events and other educational resources.


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