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Manufacturing Matters

Manufacturing matters to Illinois and America.

Manufacturing is integral to the story of Illinois and our nation. As our state’s leading economic engine, Illinois manufacturers feed the world, make life saving products, power our homes and businesses, build our infrastructure, transport people and products around the globe, and provide for our nation’s defense. Manufacturers are the innovators and entrepreneurs, the builders and producers, and the dreamers and leaders who are solving our challenges and creating our future. Manufacturers make the world a better place to live every single day.

Illinois has fantastic attributes for manufacturers including a central location, educated workforce, comprehensive infrastructure including roads, rail, air, and waterways, access to water, global city and airport, national laboratories, and an affordable and competitive energy market.

Our state also has many challenges. If the right policies are enacted by elected officials, Illinois can once again become the pre-eminent location to manufacture products in the United States. These policies will lead to increased capital investment and job growth.

We are proud to represent Illinois manufacturers and the more than half-million women and men that work on factory floors in good, high-paying jobs.

This in-depth and independent Economic Analysis of the Manufacturing Sector in Illinois by the Division of Research at the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina showcases the magnificent manufacturing sector and its outsized economic impact on Illinois.

Mark Denzler
President & CEO

Click above for the Manufacturing Matters summary of our 2022 economic analysis on the impact of the manufacturing industry on Illinois and its communities.