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If the recruitment process was easy, firms would not need to hire executive search consultants like The Overture Group. In a world where more and more businesses are taking their recruiting online, the first question is to know when the optimal time should be to start the recruiting process. The answer? Always. Don’t just wait for your company to have an open position or for you competitor to have a downfall. In order to stay ahead of the game, it is best to always be proactively recruiting.

What is the difference between hiring and recruiting?

The terms hiring and recruiting can be easily intertwined until understood properly. Recruiting can and should be a long process in order to screen only the best candidates for your company. When a company has a recruiting strategy, they have determined future roles or projects and are in a constant process of searching for the best people to fulfill those roles. A recruitment process should include a list of job requirements, roles and responsibilities, as well as notes from interviews and results of background checks. The term hiring is essentially the end goal of a successful recruitment. It is deciding upon a candidate from a shorter list of recruited talent and then starting them in the employee lifecycle.

How to actively recruit:

Allow prospective candidates looking to join your growing company to submit resumes at all times. Wouldn’t this be a waste of time? We would like to argue the contrary. When you have the ability to sift through resumes, it saves time especially when last minute projects come up or you’ve suddenly lost a key member of your team. You may even find a resume from a qualified candidate who could have experience you didn’t know you needed.

  1. Putting key roles for each position on your website is a great place to start actively recruiting. Candidates will automatically be able to know which position they’d fit in best.
  2. Let your whole team in on recruiting. Some of the best candidates for your company are from employee recommendations because they know what the company is needing. When your team is aware of your constant recruitment strategy, they may have some input and will likely be keeping an eye out for who they know would best fit their own team.
  3. Go to live events. Let your candidates know you care by showing up face-to-face at events of your choosing. To decide which events to attend, think about the audience you are targeting and use creative ways to get your message out there.

Recruiting is meant to be a long and ongoing process because the results turn into a big decision. Save your company time and effort by having a list of ideal candidates during your hiring process. If you choose to start recruiting now, then you can easily screen out unqualified candidates and keep the worthy ones for a longer period. Make the message clear and known that your company is always looking for great people.


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