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Top 10 Cities for Manufacturing Jobs for Women

by Adrienne Selko, IndustryWeek

A recent survey by MagnifyMoney ranked the U.S. metro areas according to where the average working woman could have the ability to better or maintain her financial health. We looked at the data from the perspective of how many women were employed in the manufacturing sector.

It might be a surprise to many that LA was at the top of the list, with about five times as many female workers than the other metro areas. LA also has the smallest gender wage gap of the 50 metro areas, at 10.1%.

New York ranked as the state with the highest gender equity among manufacturing workers, with 38.2% of workers being women.  MagnifyMoney points out that this statistic is surprising given the fact that they fall well below the median for workers employed in manufacturing as well as women workers employed in manufacturing.  Given the sheer size of the employed population, this translates to a very high absolute number of women in manufacturing in 2016: 213,376.

The city with the highest percentage of workers employed in manufacturing, Detroit, is also the lowest ranked city on the list for working women. It’s worth noting that even though a full 10% of women workers are in manufacturing – significantly higher than the average among 50 metros of 5.8% — the percentage of manufacturing workers who are women (25.7%) is actually considerably lower than the average of 29%.


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