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Rep. Darin LaHood Receives National Award

The National Manufacturers Association along with the Illinois Manufacturers Association gave Congressman Darin LaHood the award for manufacturing legislative excellence.

The award was also presented by Caterpillar, which is located in the 18th congressional district LaHood serves.

LaHood says politicians need to roll back regulations and reform the tax system in order to have manufacturing thrive in the country.

LaHood also praised trade, saying he would support the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), despite the Republican nominee for president being against it.

“75 percent of the tractors made in East Peoria, Illinois go somewhere else around the world,” said LaHood. “We have to remember we’re 4 percent of the world’s population. 96 percent of the world is out there and we have to create more markets. And more markets for our corn and soy beans, for our manufactured products here in my district, we have to have that.”

LaHood also said that the state of Illinois needs to adopt reforms to make it easier for businesses to operate in the state.

LaHood served as a state senator before winning a special election to take over Aaron Schock’s old seat.