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NAM Launches “Manufacturing a Sustainable Future” Blog

Series Will Tell Story of Manufacturing and Sustainability — by Mallory Micetich . . .

2016-Platform-Web-headerThe National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) launched a new blog series and social media campaign today, titled “Manufacturing a Sustainable Future,” focusing on manufacturers’ role in advancing sustainability. For manufacturers, sustainability is more than just a practice; it is fundamental to their mission. This includes minimizing their environmental footprint, ensuring the well-being of people around the world who work in our businesses and in the communities where we live and using resources efficiently so that they can add economic value to society.

Starting with the inaugural blog post from General Motors, the new series and social media campaign will highlight unique stories from manufacturers across the United States that feature cutting-edge sustainability accomplishments our sector has made. Manufacturers are developing new and innovative technologies and processes to promote a cleaner environment, support stronger communities and drive greater economic growth and opportunity across the country.

“There are amazing things taking place in manufacturing right now in our never-ending pursuit to become more sustainable,” said NAM Senior Director of Energy and Resources Policy Greg Bertelsen. “Manufacturers are leading the way in minimizing environmental footprints, reducing emissions, conserving critical resources, protecting biodiversity, limiting waste and providing safe products and solutions so others in the economy can do the same. At the same time, we are providing good-paying, high-quality and safe jobs that allow for a high standard of living and build strong communities. Manufacturers have a great sustainability story to tell, and we are excited to help share it.”

The first blog, “Driving a Global Movement to Zero Waste” by General Motors Global Waste Reduction Manager John Bradburn, tells the story of the company’s 131 landfill-free facilities and goal to achieve zero waste manufacturing at all global plants. Through innovation and a commitment to sustainability, General Motors has turned waste into a resource in its manufacturing process.

This blog series will also include innovative multimedia to tell the unique story of manufacturing sustainability.

To follow the blog series and subscribe for the latest posts, visit our website. To learn more about manufacturers and our unique ability to progress sustainable practices, click here.

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Source: NAM