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A message from IMA President & CEO Greg Baise . . .

By September 15, 2016November 8th, 2022No Comments

Baise_CityClubMy recent speech at the City Club of Chicago luncheon was a shout from the rooftop and a plea for help to stop the direction that Illinois is headed. I’ve gotten many nice notes and comments following the speech and we are taking our pro-manufacturing message on the road around the state over the next few weeks.

Our legislators need to listen — and start acting to make Illinois more attractive to job creators. We can no longer afford crushing pension debt, a mountain of unpaid bills, costly government regulations including a workers’ compensation system that is outrageously expensive, and an education system that does not develop a skilled workforce for the future.

I mailed a copy of my speech and a personal letter to all 177 lawmakers. In the letter, I note that “Manufacturing is the Middle Class” but misguided government policies are helping destroy the industrial sector in Illinois. We are losing good-paying manufacturing jobs and crippling the middle class. Statistics clearly show that all of our neighboring states are outperforming Illinois when it comes to manufacturing job creation and the IMA asked our legislators to embrace a Middle Class Manufacturing Agenda.

I then included a very simply challenge for every single legislator. Call and visit three manufacturing companies in your district during Manufacturing Month in October. Ask these companies about their challenges and listen to them. Then act.

Please take a minute to watch or read my remarks and then drop me a note with your comments. But more importantly, take a minute and call your legislators to tell them its time for a change.

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is helping lead the Manufacturing Day and Manufacturing Month activities in Illinois throughout October. If you would like to host a legislator for a visit, please let us know. You can also sign up at and click on “host an event” to add it to the official list of events in Illinois.

Thank you!