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Manufacturing Marketing Matters Podcast

Manufacturing Marketing Matters is a podcast dedicated to advancing the practice of marketing in the manufacturing industry . . .

Manufacturers and their marketers now have free access to a weekly podcast dedicated to helping them advance the practice of marketing at their companies and advance their own professional development. Manufacturing firms with an advanced marketing function achieve higher growth rates and increase market share over their competitors.

The podcast is called “Manufacturing Marketing Matters (MM Matters). It was launched by the Manufacturing Marketing Institute (MMI), an organization dedicated to helping manufacturers improve their marketing strategy, tactics and teams enabling them to be more competitive in a globalized market place. The podcast is broadcast weekly on Monday mornings and serves up educational content in an interview format. The host of the podcast and Executive Director at MMI, Bruce McDuffee, interviews manufacturing marketing practitioners with a success story, technical marketing experts, government agencies supporting manufacturing, and content marketing experts.

Past notable guests have included content marketing thought leaders Joe Pulizzi, Lee Odden, Doug Kessler and Matt Heinz in addition to officials from government agencies such as PTAC and NIST-MEP.

Bruce McDuffee, podcast host and founder of MMI brings his own expertise to the podast with 20+ years of marketing and sales experience in the business-to-business manufacturing sector. McDuffee says, “Most manufacturing companies severely undervalue their marketing function. This is a huge opportunity for those manufacturers who are willing and able to advance their marketing practices with modern strategy, tactics and technology. These progressive manufacturers will win, hands down, in their competitive space and the MM Matters podcast will help them do it.”

To listen to past episodes and subscribe to each weekly podcast, interested manufacturers and their marketers can subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud or at the MMI website,