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LED Technology Helping People See the World in a Whole New Light  

People are not prone to change. We are creatures of habit, and even small sacrifices — despite potentially handsome rewards — can be difficult. Businesses are no different.
Although LED technology has been around for decades, most companies have used metal halide lighting, in part, because it wasn’t until recently that LED bulbs have had commercial applications, and to make the switch when it became available meant a large financial commitment to retrofitting current lighting with LED bulbs.
Now, however, one company is hoping to help businesses pad their bottom line while curbing their energy use by changing from traditional metal halide lights to LED direct-replacement bulbs.
OEO Energy Solutions has created an energy-saving EZ LED light bulb that requires no wiring, no ballast bypass or no electrician, and unlike metal halide lights, the LED bulbs contain no mercury.
“Simply change bulbs, and your conversion to LED technology is complete. It’s energy savings simplified,” said John Einarsen of OEO Energy Solutions. “LED direct-replacement [light bulbs] for metal halide [lights] save 68 percent simply by changing bulbs.”
By changing out metal halide lights for OEO’s EZ LED light bulbs, the Illinois-based energy solutions company estimates that the savings would be about $364 per year, per light, not including rebates.
For one businessman, the changes have proved significant.
“With the EZ LED from OEO, my energy costs are down by almost 70 percent just by screwing in the EZ LED bulbs,” said Brian Brandel, founder of “It was simple, and I don’t expect to change a warehouse light again. My employees are happier with the far superior light quality, and I am delighted with the drastic improvement to my bottom line.”
Currently, the OEO EZ LED is rebate-eligible in most states, and the return on investment is less than one year, prior to rebates. In addition, the light bulbs have a five-year warranty or 55,000 hours of life.
For more information, visit or call 800-553-2112.

Source: NewsUSA