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Lawmakers Tour ADM And Caterpillar

Posted: Feb 10, 2015 11:08 PM CST – From – Decatur- For some Illinois state lawmakers, they travel though ????????? Decatur on their way to the state capitol, but on Tuesday their end destination was the soy city. Five new freshman lawmakers got to Behind see how two global manufacturing companies operate. For State Representative Carol Ammons, the trip was worth taking from Champaign.

“I also learned about the importance of having a transportation hub like this in Central Illinois. I think it’s a game changer in manufacturing. Moving products in and out of the state, I didn’t even know this existed,” Ammons said.

Now that they wholesale jerseys have seen first hand the ADM Intermodal, the importance of utilizing is now understood.

“You have a lot of businesses around Central Illinois that can avoid  some of the congestion in Chicago by using this facility here in Decatur,” said Mark Denzler from the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.

Ammons said she believes the ADM Intermodal can benefit her district and the Research Park at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

“As we produce more products in those areas and find new innovations they are going to have to get them to market some how,” Ammons added.

“For them to see how government actually works and to benefit not only a company About like ADM, but the community but to use the transportation intermodal system we have set up today,” said Mark Schweitzer the wholesale jerseys Managing Director for ADM Intermodal.

However, it wasn’t just about touring ADM and Caterpillar. It was also about building relationships.

“It does help you understand what goes into production and it does help you understand sometimes how laws and regulation make that difficult,” said Ammons.

“For them to see the importance of it first hand when they go to Springfield and they cast votes. They’ve been through a manufacturer and know the impact they have,” added Schweitzer.

Many questions were answered, including what this means for the economy?

“You know if you don’t have the businesses, you don’t have the jobs. So we always cheap jerseys have wholesale jerseys to think about the laws and how they effect the community and how they effect the businesses,” said Schweitzer.

The Managing Director for ADM Intermodal also said, the company wants to remain a competitive infrastructure and they are aiming to attract new businesses in Central Illinois.