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IMA Statement On The Need For Workers’ Compensation Reform In Illinois

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association President and CEO Greg Baise testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the need for workers’ compensation reform on Wednesday, May 27th.

“The high cost of workers’ compensation hangs like an anvil around the necks of job creators in Illinois. We’ve seen the loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs since the turn of the century, and reforming workers’ compensation is the first step in making our state more attractive.”

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association has consistently called for comprehensive and meaningful reform of the Workers’ Compensation Act that will significantly reduce costs for employers — private and public sector — while protecting the rights of legitimately injured workers and ensuring their access to quality health care. Despite the 2011 reforms, Illinois still has the seventh highest cost of workers’ compensation in the United States, and it is consistently cited as one of the primary reasons that companies move out of state or choose not to invest capital and grow jobs in Illinois.

Illinois manufacturing companies employ 675,000 workers and contribute the single largest share of the gross state product. Manufacturing jobs average more than $64,000 annually including benefits.