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IMA Education Foundation Presents Scholarship Award to Triton College

Triton College awarded $25,000 for high performance; active engagement in manufacturing skills training

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RIVER GROVE, IL – The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA) Education Foundation awarded Triton College $25,000 in scholarship funds for meeting a series of set standards and performing at a high level of active engagement to foster greater educational opportunities within the field of manufacturing. Triton College is one of three institutions across the state that is receiving a scholarship from the IMA Education Foundation this summer.

Triton College is one of the leaders statewide in manufacturing education, and is a key partner in the Illinois Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) offering comprehensive apprenticeship studies beginning this fall. By developing and implementing a true German-style apprenticeship model Triton’s program assures a high quality pool of candidates to fill the most technologically demanding careers in manufacturing today. With nearly 600 thousand manufacturing jobs in Illinois, Triton’s innovative manufacturing programs taught by dedicated faculty help students to acquire the in-demand skills that employers throughout Chicagoland are looking for.

“Triton College is appreciative of the IMA Education Foundation for supporting manufacturing and engineering students with this scholarship donation,” said Triton College President Mary-Rita Moore . “We are proud of our partnership efforts and are committed to future opportunities with area manufacturers to meet the region’s workforce needs.”

“The skills and certification opportunities being provided through Triton College’s programs provide students a competitive advantage in an industry that has long been the backbone of our economy,” said William Hickey, chairman, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association; president, Lapham-Hickey Steel. “As a third generation manufacturer, I cannot stress enough the importance for local employers to be engaged with our community colleges to ensure success for the next generation of skilled workers in our industry.”

“Among the objectives of the IMA Education Foundation is a provision for IMA to provide scholarship opportunities for deserving students following a pathway of study leading to a manufacturing career,” said Andrew Faville, board member, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association; CEO, Falex Corporation. “This scholarship award will assist manufacturing students with the cost of tuition, books, fees, transportation and childcare services so students can alleviate some of their financial concerns while focusing on their education and training.”

Community colleges receiving funding must demonstrate active engagement with the manufacturing community by meeting certain set standards demonstrating their commitment to education and training focused on the manufacturing and technology sector.

“The students at Triton College have the potential to ensure our state will continue to build a strong pipeline for the workforce and fill the skills gap that is facing our industry,” said Greg Baise, president and CEO, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. “We hope to continue broadening participation and working with these institutions to increase success across the board for students pursuing opportunities in the manufacturing sector.”

The IMA Education Foundation Board of Directors has endowed its second round of annual scholarship to three schools this summer for the 2016-2017 academic year. The first round of endowments were made to six institutions last summer for the 2015-2016 school year. The IMA Education Foundation scholarship investments in these programs will help students for years to come.