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How Illinois Manufacturers Will Handle Recreational Marijuana

Recreational cannabis consumption will be legal in Illinois on January 1, 2020. The IMA worked with lawmakers to ensure the nation’s strongest employer protections were included in the new law. We’ve been sharing information and hosting events this summer and fall to help educate our members about this new law and its impact.

In an IMA survey of Illinois manufacturing companies, results show that a majority of companies plan to continue pre-employment drug testing but only one-third indicate they will use random drug testing.

Questions and results include:

  1. Will your company conduct random drug testing for marijuana for its Illinois facilities?
    1. Yes: 37 / 33.33%
    2. No: 74 / 66.67%
  2. Will your company conduct pre-employment testing for marijuana for its Illinois facilities?
    1. Yes: 66 / 60%
    2. No: 44 / 40%
  3. Will your company accommodate or attempt to accommodate employees in Illinois who test positive for marijuana (regardless of the type of drug test) if the employee has a medical marijuana registry card?
    1. Yes: 64 / 58.72%
    2. No: 45 / 41.28%

We will continue to monitor the implementation of this new law to keep our members informed and will share best practices and other relevant information.