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Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator Updated for 2017

The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator is now updated to include local data on 2017 health plans that are being sold through the Affordable Care Act marketplaces.

With the tool, consumers around the nation can generate estimates of their health insurance premiums and government subsidies for 2017 ACA marketplace plans that are sold in their local area. The estimates are based on household income, family size, ages of family members, and zip code an important factor as premiums vary tremendously from one area to another. The calculator also helps consumers determine whether they could be eligible for Medicaid.

In addition to the updated calculator, the Foundation offers a searchable collection of nearly 300 Health Reform Frequently Asked Questions. Designed to help consumers and the navigators, brokers and others who assist them, the FAQs cover a wide range of topics including eligibility for subsidies, the individual mandate to maintain health coverage, and information about health plans offered through state ACA marketplaces. The FAQs also address situations affecting young adults, women, early retirees, immigrants, and people with job-based health plans. Some questions are also available in Spanish.

The calculator can be embedded on other websites using these instructions. A Spanish-language version is also available and embeddable. Other resources aimed at helping consumers navigate the Affordable Care Act and its implications are available as part of the Foundation¹s ³Understanding Health Insurance² collection.

In addition, the Foundation continues to analyze the ACA marketplace plan options and features. Initial analyses include a look at how premiums and insurer participation are changing for 2017 in major cities in every state and charts capturing the shifts in participating insurers nationally and by county.

Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues, the Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, California.