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Governor Discusses Changes to Put Illinois Back on Track

ALTON – Governor Rauner today toured Cope Plastics and discusses changes to put Illinois back on track and increase job growth in the state.

“Cope Plastics constantly re-evaluated trends and grew with the industry. The longevity of this company is proof that hard work, innovation and staying ahead of the curve can propel any business forward,” said Governor Rauner. “In order to ensure that businesses like Cope Plastics continue to thrive, we have to make structural changes to put Illinois back on track for success.”

As part of his tour, Governor Rauner met with employees and discussed the administration’s plan to put Illinois back on track by growing the state’s economy through increased job growth and strengthening our schools.  The administration has focused on shrinking the achievement gap by refocusing career and technical training. This includes improving our apprenticeship programs to increase hands on job training.

Cope Plastics has grown from a small basement operation in 1946 into the premier fabricator and distributor of plastic of the Midwest. It is a third generation, family and woman-owned company based in Alton, Ill.

Video of the event can be found here.