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Join the IMA and Make Your Voice Heard on Costly Energy Legislation

The Governor and lawmakers are returning to the Capitol tomorrow to consider major changes to Illinois’ energy marketplace. Manufacturers use one-third of all energy consumed in the United States so any change will have a disproportionate impact on the industrial sector. We need to maintain an all-of-the above approach to energy that will use a diverse mix of energy, protect the competitive market, ensure grid reliability, and allow innovation to flourish.
Throughout the past eighteen months, the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association has engaged with the Administration and lawmakers focusing on key issues of cost, reliability, and the impact on jobs while encouraging private sector, market-based solutions. Manufacturers are not only using amazing and innovative technology to reduce emissions and increase sustainability – they are creating it! Over the past decade, emissions from manufacturers have been reduced by 21 percent while economic output increased by 18 percent.
Over the weekend, energy negotiators started contemplating a change from a “customer charge” to “volumization” to shift the $215 million cost of social programs from residential customers to businesses. This cost shift comes on top of nearly a half billion dollars in other costs. According to a chart released by the Administration, the volumization proposal would lower the $3.70 monthly cost to $1.37 for residential customers while shifting the cost burden onto commercial and industrial ratepayers. The commercial rate, on average, would jump from $3.70 per month to $11.64 while the average industrial rate would skyrocket to $1,907.58 every month.
Illinois needs smart energy policies and manufacturers are committed to developing new technologies that will make energy more affordable, reliable, and cleaner. We are asking our members to join us in communicating our concerns to the Governor and legislators immediately. Please read this letter and please complete the form below to join us in signing it.