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Mark Denzler

Mark Denzler

President & CEO

Donovan Griffith

Donovan Griffith

Director of Government Affairs

Gordy Hulten

Gordy Hulten

Vice President of External Affairs

Jim Nelson

Vice President Education & Workforce Policy and Executive Director, IMA Education Foundation

2019 Legislative Agenda

Grown Your Own STEM Teacher Act

Waives tuition fees at public colleges and universities for STEM students who agree to teach at an Illinois public high school or university upon graduation.

Student Apprenticeships

Provides a small tax credit equal to qualified education expenses for apprentices.

R&D Tax Credit

Modernizes and makes permanent the research and development tax credit that is essential for the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturers’ Purchase Credit

Restores the Manufacturers' Purchase Credit, which was left to expire two years ago during the budget impasse.

Small Business Tax Relief

Allows a small business to make quarterly payments of their unemployment insurance taxes, instead of all at once.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Increases penalties for individuals who trespass and intentionally damage critical infrastructure facilities, including water treatment plants, electricity generation facilities, and military bases.