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FREE Webinar: Three Keys to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Thursday, December 8, 2016, 1:00 pm CT






It’s an unprecedented time in manufacturing. A new level of technology ushers in a digital transformation that offers incredible opportunities, complimented by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) that gives any device, machine, or product the ability to share important data.

The growth in digital capabilities provides a wealth of information for improving quality and efficiency, along with the ability to drive faster and more accurate decisions. Yet many manufacturers aren’t taking advantage and continue to struggle with legacy challenges — manual processes, disparate systems, and siloed information.

If your organization is facing these crippling challenges, join Baker Tilly’s partner, Plex, for a webinar to understand how digital transformation will change the way your modern manufacturing is conducted.

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Event Details: Thursday, December 8, 1:00 p. CT

Presenter: Dave Morfas, Director of Product Marketing, Plex Systems


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BakerTilly and Plex are IMA member companies.