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Following Warren Buffet’s Lead in Energy Deregulation                      

According to recent reports, Warren Buffet has identified energy deregulation as the next big financial opportunity to reverberate around the country. Similarly, former GE Chairman Jack Welch described deregulation as “the next biggest thing since the Internet.”

It is estimated that by 2020, all 50 states will have some form of deregulated energy. State monopolies controlling energy prices and supply will cease, giving consumers a choice about who provides their electricity.
Estimates show that deregulation has created a $500 billion industry, and Warren Buffet has been reported to say that he expects it to be the largest transfer of wealth in history. While this creates room for savings for residential and commercial customers, it also means a potential windfall for investors.
Where Buffet leads, the savvy soon follow. A stacked financial team, spearheaded by former investment banker and entrepreneur Randall Letcavage, took over a public company, Premier Holding Corp (PRHL), specializing in green products. His team includes board members like Dr. Woodrow Clark II and Lane Harrison.
Dr. Clark is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his work on the climate change panel in 2007. The economist has also authored five books related to the green economy. Harrison is no stranger to high finance either. He is the former president of BiCoastal, and he brings a wealth of experience as well as extraordinary technology and business expertise to PRHL.
As board members for PRHL, both recognize that energy deregulation is central to progress in green power and energy-efficient technology. Armed with Letcavage at the helm and reputable advisors on the board, PRHL is shaping up to be a key player in deregulation that can also offer solutions to reduce energy consumption.
In February, PRHL purchased 80 percent of The Power Company (TPC) from Illinois, picking up more talent — Patrick Farah, managing director for The Power Company, was instrumental in helping acquire the energy contract for the City of Dallas for Suez in 2007. In addition, he was one of Suez’s biggest contractors, acquiring clients that represented billions of kilowatt hours of usage. Once TPC solidified its infrastructure, allowing for scalability, it accumulated over 18,000 residential and commercial customers with top U.S. power suppliers. Prior to the acquisition of TPC, Letcavage developed a PRHL subsidiary called Energy Efficient Experts (E3) to offer a full spectrum of green energy products.
Now, it’s all in-house. TPC assists clients in driving down their energy costs by competitive supply pricing, and then E3 helps clients reduce their usage with energy-efficient solutions.
Who doesn’t love a model like that? Wall Street does. Today, 14 states have deregulated power, and more are following suit. California, PRHL’s home base, is already on the fast track.
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Source: NewsUSA