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Five ways to win the consumer of 2030, now

by Krisina Rogers and Andrew Cosgrove

EY is an IMA B2B Partner

The leaders of every consumer-facing business recognize the need for transformation. Otherwise, their organizations risk becoming irrelevant to the changing consumer. Most are taking action, but they need to be bolder. They need to accelerate and redirect their efforts so they can move beyond protecting the business they have and put more focus on creating the business they need to become.

The five key imperatives set out below will help leaders reshape their organizations so they can generate value for the data- and technology-enabled “smart consumer” of tomorrow. They are drawn from our on-going collaboration with over 200 business leaders, futurists and industry experts to model a 360-degree view of the future consumer and how their needs could change in a variety of “future world” scenarios.

Five key imperatives to win the future consumer

  1. Challenge every assumption: Shift your business model from incremental improvement to exponential change
  2. Choose your tribe: Focus your purpose on the stakeholders who matter to your business
  3. Win every micro-moment: Compete for superfluid consumers every time, all the time
  4. Deliver measurable outcomes: Replace brand promise with transparent impact
  5. Master the ecosystem: Focus exclusively on where and how you can add value

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