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Five Productivity Tips For HR Pros

Author Ken Brown is a business owner and writer who discuses career tips, business strategies, and technology — from the G&A Partners blog

According to the 2015 CareerBuilder U.S. Job Forecast, 36 percent of companies plan to add permanent, full-time employees this year. If this influx of new jobs happens, it will be the highest percentage of companies bringing on new hires since 2006.

What does this mean for you as an HR pro? It could equate to more resumes to sort through, more interviews to conduct, and an overall increased workload. If you’re going to make it through this year successfully, you’ll need to up your productivity here are five tips.

Create a Daily To-Do List

When you work from a daily handwritten to-do list, you have a physical document sitting in front of you, which makes it a better option than using a mobile app and it takes only a few minutes each morning to create. Create a list with three categories: One for things you have to complete that day, a second for items that need your attention but aren’t urgent, and a third category for minor tasks that would be great to get to if there’s time. Whatever you don’t finish should be transferred on to the following day’s list.

Prioritize Your Work

Be sure to complete your most important work when you are at your best. If you’re a go-getter first thing in the morning, pencil in your most pressing or difficult tasks for that time frame. If you typically don’t get going until after your lunch break, schedule your more important stuff for the afternoon. When you align your toughest projects with the time of day you work the hardest, you will be more productive.

Make Effective Use of Down Time

Whenever you have a spare moment in your workday, put that time to good use for a minor task check your business email account, or take a listen to voicemail. Every minute counts, so get the most out of every snippet of down time, no matter how small.

Use Multitasking With Caution

It’s one thing to review emails while talking with another recruiter or colleague on the phone. However, if you’re preparing for an interview with a candidate your company is intent on hiring, it’s not the time to try to get other stuff done. Multitasking is effective, but only when done properly. Use it only for multiple minor items, and never anything of substance.

Improve Your Physical Health

Think your physical health doesn’t play a role in productivity? If you’re out of shape, you’ll likely have less energy when on the clock. Not getting enough sleep at night can make your days drag out, shifting your focus from your work to the clock as you count down until it’s time to go home.

Join a gym or work out at home if you need to get in shape, cut sugar-laden snacks and fast food from your diet, and cook more meals at home for a healthier diet. Also, be sure to give yourself at least a half-hour at the end of each day for some personal time. You might listen to some music for 30 minutes before going to bed, or read a book not related to your profession.

Final Thoughts

No matter which productivity strategies you decide to implement, make sure you are tracking each one when possible for its effectiveness. If your daily to-do list is working out for you, keep on doing that until it’s a habit. All of these tips can be viable, but some might not work for you in your professional situation. Productivity can always be improved evaluate your efforts so you continue to get better each and every day.

Can you suggest any other productivity tips for HR pros?