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Combining AI and Automation Tools Can Better Manage Your Business

by Carl Miller

Sikich LLP is an IMA B2B Partner…

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation may seem or sound the same, but they serve different functions. Combining both of them to work together can be a powerful tool when it comes to managing your business and its technology.

Automation tools can monitor and collect data points on various systems throughout your business. The AI can then review these data points, find trends, and take action on those trends. These actions could be one of the following:

  • Cleaning up disk space to prevent a server crash;
  • Fixing a broken backup job;
  • Putting your hard drive into “safe mode” when it thinks your laptop fell off the desk; or
  • Alerting a human something it can’t fix is going on.

Why use an AI over an employee to do these things? An AI tool can review, interpret, and take actions in mere seconds. Humans, in comparison, are far slower. An AI also won’t overlook or miss something like a human can, thus making far few mistakes.

AI tools and automation tools working together can prevent bigger issues. Preventing these issues thus saves both time and the cost that would occur to fix the problem.


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