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Author/Executive Barry Wolfe launches ‘The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management’

LtlBlkBokThis small book packs a big punch. It condenses more than 20 years’ experience in HR into 150 pages of valuable insights for anyone who deals with people on and off the job. It accomplishes that formidable task with lively, witty, story-telling, page-turning prose that proves Wolfe to be an exceptional writer as well as an executive with broad, deep, and varied experience.

Wolfe’s insights transcend the typical textbook with its no-holds-barred discussions of performance appraisals, granting raises, reductions in force and other tense situations. Of special interest is his discussion of how to work with the president who “almost certainly has a bigger ego than you do, but that’s only because he’s earned it.”

This book isn’t everything you need to know about HR but are afraid to ask. It’s about the essential skills needed to survive and prosper in the rigorous and competitive trenches of business, “stuff you learn when you’ve worked for a boss you’d swear jumped out of a Dilbert cartoon.”

Want to be an HR leader? A leader in any discipline that relies on people to function? (Are there any other kind?) Read and digest this book for the perfect roadmap.

‘The Little Black Book of Human Resources Management’ is available for purchase in multiple formats on major distribution channels including, Apple iBook and Barnes and Noble.

Author Barry Wolfe is Vice President, Human Resources, for Civil & Environmental Consultants, a fast-growing firm of some 600 engineers, scientists, and support personnel scattered in 18 offices across the United States. He loves his job: “I’ve been an HR leader for over 20 years and I still find a lot to love . . . the variety of responsibilities is surprisingly wide.” His resume covers a spectrum of manufacturing and service companies.