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5 Ways a Legal Plan Improves Employee Wellness

  1. Saves Employee Money: On average, group legal plan members pay less than $250 a year for unlimited use of the legal plan for covered matters, which is significantly less than the cost of seeing an attorney just once for most legal matters.
  2. Provides Easy to Access Attorneys: 80% said that it was easy to access services and that they had a successful outcome from using the legal plan. 93% or more of those enrolled in a legal plan expressed satisfaction with the quality of attorneys.
  3. Allows Them to Prepare for the Future: 52% said they did not have a will or power of attorney. A legal plan gives members access to attorneys to draft all of the documents individuals need to protect their assets and family.
  4. Provides Stress Relief: 73% of those who are enrolled in a legal plan said that they are prepared for unforeseen events. 82% said they worry less about unexpected financial issues because of their employer benefits.
  5. Less Unexpected Time Away from Work: 31% of those ages 21-34 and 14% of those ages 35-49 had taken time off of work to deal with legal issues. A legal plan provides access to attorneys that can draft legal documents, and in many cases, attend hearings or make court appearances so individuals don’t have to miss work.

*All statistical information comes from the Harris Poll study conducted on behalf of Hyatt Legal Plans, Improving Employee Wellness through Legal Benefits.


Source: Workforce