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2023 IMA “Made In Illinois” Gift Box Survey

We’re excited to share that the IMA is celebrating our 130th birthday this year, at our Annual Luncheon at the Sheraton Grand in Chicago on Friday, December 8.
This year, in honor of the IMA’s milestone birthday, we’re exploring creating a “Made In Illinois” gift box for attendees at two major events in 2023 including the IMA Annual Luncheon that draws together hundreds of business and political leaders. This is the IMA’s premier event of the year.
Secondly, Mark Denzler, our President & CEO, was honored to be selected as the “Speaker of the Third House” this year which is coalition of nearly 3,500 business leaders, government affairs representatives, and advocates. As part of this role, we’ll be hosting a holiday luncheon and a gift for attendees is typical.
Our goal is to showcase our amazing Illinois manufacturing sector by providing a first-of-it’s-kind “Made in Illinois” giftbox. They will be full of Illinois made products or products with the logos of companies. It could be food or beverage, flags, hats, water bottles, replica products, or something similar.
If your company has something appropriate that reflects the great and incredible variety of products made in Illinois, and you are willing to donate 1,000 of these items to the IMA for the two events, would you please complete this survey to assist us with early planning? We’ll try to use every product offered, but size and logistics considerations may prevent us from using everything. If you submit your information, we’ll be in touch to discuss details.
Thank you again for your continued support of the IMA, and for continuing to make great things right here in Illinois.
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