Click above for the Manufacturing Matters summary of our economic analysis on the impact of the manufacturing industry on Illinois and its communities.

Manufacturing is integral to the story of Illinois and our nation. As the state’s largest economic engine, Illinois manufacturers feed the world, make life saving products, power our homes and businesses, build our infrastructure, transport people and products around the globe, and provide for our nation’s defense.

Manufacturing makes the world a better place to live every single day.

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association is the unified voice of the manufacturing community in Illinois. The 592,000 women and men on Illinois factory floors today are the innovators and entrepreneurs, the builders and producers, and the dreamers and leaders of America.

We are the solution to many of the challenges facing our state if the right policies are put into place. Our elected leaders should choose policies that will build upon our best-in-class workforce and create a pipeline of qualified workers for the future. Let’s create a better Illinois that is the best place to invest, the best place to innovate, and the best place from which to export.

Mark Denzler
President and CEO
Illinois Manufacturers’ Association

Manufacturing Matters: Our Impact in Illinois
An Economic Analysis of the Manufacturing Sector in Illinois